Servicing Southern Highlands & Macarthur Regions
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Servicing Southern Highlands & Macarthur Regions
Mon-Sun 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM Emergency: 24/7

Surge Protector & Power board Installation in Southern Highlands & Macarthur Region

Electrical fittings need to be installed diligently as a faulty installation or inferior material could result in higher bills. Furthermore, a faulty installation is a huge safety threat too. Hence, it is crucial for you to choose a qualified electrician to do your electrical installation.

Active On Electrical has a team of well qualified and experienced electricians to help you with the installation of surge protector and power board. With years of experience working in the field, we have been able to give our customers the best service across Macarthur and the Southern Highlands. When you choose us, you choose reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Surge protectors and power boards are important elements in ensuring your safety. A surge protector saves your electrical equipment from damages due to power fluctuations. While you can’t control the elements of nature, you can use devices to minimise their impact. Surge protector protects you from surges and spikes caused by lightning and other such factors. 

Likewise, an extra power board comes handy, as you need additional power outlets for your growing array of gadgets and devices. We can install a power board with inbuilt surge protection. This will ensure better safety.

Surge protectors are necessary, especially if you live in an area experiencing thunderstorms. In such areas, your gears likely to experience frequent power surges. Also, even if you live in an area which does not experience thunderstorms, your air conditioner or refrigerator could kick power spikes which might go down to the lines connecting other gadgets and equipment

We are qualified to handle all your residential electrician needs. If you need more information about our services and service areas, you can call us on 0499 299 455. We’ll be happy to clear your doubts and can you a free quote.
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